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trainee executiveJob titleSri LankaCountryEnglishLanguage

Kãvi Šàm

digital media marketting executive trainee, HasH 3 3

Sri Lanka

  • Current job title:Digital media marketting executive traineeHasH 3 3


Ananga Wikramanayake

Senior Tea Consultant at Heritage Tea (pvt) Ltd

Colombo | Sri Lanka

  • Current job title:Senior Tea ConsultantHeritage Tea (pvt) Ltd
  • Previous job title:Managing Director and CEORanfer Teas Kenya Ltd


1) 25 years in the tea industry in Sri Lanka, involved primarily in the trading and export of tea.2) In depth knowledge in tea manufacture, packaging and flavoring of tea.3) Experienced in brand development, brand marketing, which includes bottom of the line promotions as well as mass media.4) 8 ...

Vishva Manathunga

trainee executive, sanasa development bank ltd

Ampara | Sri Lanka

  • Current job title:Trainee executiveSanasa development bank ltd

Ishani Dilrukshi

Trainee media executive, madison Media

Colombo | Sri Lanka

  • Current job title:Trainee media executiveMadison Media

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